nail gauge chart

Nail Gauge Chart | Which Nail Is Right For Your Needs?

In terms of operating a nail gun correctly, you must know about its nail specifications. As in, what kind of nails you can insert into it, the diameter of the nails and even the gauge of the nail. Without knowing all these parameters, your nailing journey won’t be that much smoother. From that sense of … Read more

airhose size

What size air hose for a nail gun?

If you are using a pneumatic nail gun for your woodworking purposes, you will need the proper air hose. Choosing the correct size of the air hose is very important. Depending on that, you can determine how you will use the nail gun and what value you can get out of it. Don’t have any … Read more

how does palm nailer work

How Does a Palm Nailer Work

Assuming you have had a palm nailer, you’re quite confused about using it. In that case, have you ever asked yourself how does a palm nailer work? No matter if you don’t know. In this article, I will make you a distance PhD regarding this very topic. And after this thesis abstract, you’ll feel the … Read more

ryobi nailgun won;t fire

Why Won’t My Ryobi Nail Gun Fire?

The main perk of using a Ryobi nailer is it’s an all-rounder nailer on an affordable budget. As it costs less than many other brands in the market, many customers often get themselves towards purchasing Ryobi tools. However, the problem isn’t that. Ryobi nailers have some severe problems regarding the firing issue. They often refuse … Read more

how many decibels is a nail gun

How many decibels is a nail gun?

In case you’re wondering about getting yourself a nail gun for penetrating nails throughout the wood, this article will help you a billion. Firstly, I would like to let you know that this article is all about the intensity of the sound of a nail gun. You can consider this one of the most important … Read more

best electric nail gun

Guide To The Best Electric Nail Gun (Corded & Cordless)

Are you tired of slamming hammers to nail your wood projects? While it takes a lot of effort to nail using a hammer, it can also become quite risky. Because when you are using a hammer to nail something, your fingers may also get smashed in the process at times. The best solution is to … Read more

16 vs 18 gauge nailer

16 Vs 18 Gauge Nailer | Which One Should You Choose?

Are you in the market for getting yourself a nail gun but got confused thinking of which gauge to choose? The decision of choosing between 16 vs 18 gauge nail guns almost confuses all sorts of buyers. No matter if you’re a regular user or a DIY enthusiast. Both the nail guns have their own … Read more

how far can a nail gun shoot

How far can a nail gun shoot?

Do you ever wonder how far a nail gun shoot can? When you see a nail gun in use, it’s obvious to think about the shooting distance of a nail gun. Here, I will dive deep into this and go through all aspects of a nail gun shooting distance because the answer isn’t as simple … Read more