Can I use a nail gun on PVC trim? A Brief Directory

PVC trim has been used broadly as a worthy replacement for wood for decades. As you can insert nails on woods using a nailer, you may now ask, Can I use a nail gun on PVC trim? Well, mate, if the following question somehow arises in your mind, this article is for you. Throughout the entire article, I will elaborate on some perks of how you can operate with your nailer even on the rugged surface of a PVC trim. And I firmly believe, after the end of this article, you’ll get delivered with some unsoiled knowledge regarding this very topic. 

Let’s dive deep into the core; what say? 

PVC Trim Nails 

To get the maximum result out of the PVC trim, you must have to select the appropriate nail in order to operate the nailer. Now, a question might be surfing in your head, that is, is it mandatory to use nail guns to fasten the PVC trim? Well, not really. You can also fasten this using screws. But, as the trim’s made of plastic (polyvinyl chloride), it can get cracked all the way if treated wrong. So, selecting a nail gun is the most trustworthy choice, I must admit. 

Nonetheless, which type of nails should you get? To answer this question, you have to think of the weather of your circumstances where you’ll place the trim. If it’s your kitchen, laundry or bathroom area, then you should think of the heat in the very first place. As the trim might get degraded in heat over the time being. Along with all these, try to get yourself a coil siding nail gun for inserting the nails within the trim.

To clear your concept a bit more on this, you can keep these two following criteria in your mind- 

Nails for Exterior Trims

In the outdoors, there’s a massive chance that your nails could get oxidized. This could happen for many reasons at random. However, to get rid of this, get yourself some galvanized 3160 stainless steel nails. These types of nails are quite a bit larger than the typical ones and can do outdoor tasks significantly. 

Postscript: Any types of nails that can substrate merely 1-¼ inch within the trim can be used for outdoor trims.

Nails for Interior Trims 

For indoor purposes, you don’t need to select the larger nails. 15-gauge finish nailers would get your job done perfectly. There’s that. 

Last but not the least, always remember to consult with the manufacturer of your nailer to know more about the nail sizes. This is the best suggestion so far. 

How to Use a Nail Gun on PVC Trim 

As hand nailing is time-consuming, many remodelers prefer to get the fastening job done using a nail gun. However, this portion is utterly dedicated to all those DIY homeowners who don’t have any professional knowledge regarding this operation yet can get the job done and impress the household. Hey, homie, go onward and avail things at their best. 

You can go following the steps illustrated down below- 

Get a Good Grade Nailer 

First and foremost, you have to pick up a nailer. As I already mentioned- a coil siding nail gun would get this job done way too perfectly. But, if you don’t have the budget to purchase one of these, you can go for any typical ones. But no matter what, make sure that the thing works. If this isn’t, your investment will go in vain. 

Nail Size 

From a general point of view, nail size merely depends on the trims’ location. If it’s located outdoors, you might have to select big size nails. And for indoor usage, the vice-versa is applicable. However, if the nail size seems confusing to you, consult the manufacturer and take their guidance. 

Maintain the Safety Precautions 

Nothing is beyond your safety. No matter what you do or where you go, always try to think of your safety along with others. No, it won’t make you selfish, not at all. In times of operating with the nailer, try to maintain the least amount of distance between the nailer and your hand. Don’t keep any of your body parts onto the contact point of the nailer and trim. If you do, you might get injured very badly

Filing Nail Holes 

Assuming you’ve had the operation done and now the trim is properly fastened with the surface. Now, filling the holes of the nailers is a must. You might be wondering why, right? Well, the void holes might cause the plastic trim to gain moisture. Despite being plastic, PVC consists of a healthy amount of moisture regain percentage. So, to save your board from getting degraded, invest time in filling nail holes and go onwards. 

These are the most basic prospects of using nailers on PVC trims. However, if you’re still getting bothered thinking of the operation process, I will just say two words. “Go on.” If you don’t initiate the process, it will never be finished. So, to get the maximum benefit, you must have started operating the trim while having enough courage in the core. 

Make it happen, mate. Godspeed! 

Problems With PVC Trims 

Despite having too many benefits, PVC trims might not be going to be worth it following some characteristics of it. Firstly, you shouldn’t expect one hundred per cent wood-like service out of it. If you do, then you shouldn’t have purchased it. Polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic polymer-based substance after all. While woods are taken completely from natural sources. 

However, this very portion will direct you to some disadvantages of using PVC trims. Go get it- 

Expansion of PVC Trim 

Plastic has an inferior nature of getting expanded in contact with heat. If you apply a minimal amount of heat, it will expand like insane. On the flip, taking over the heat will cause shrinkage throughout the entire surface of PVC. For this reason, in winter, the board might shrink a little bit more than in previous times. And in summer, it will be loose. 

This imbalance creates a very transient situation for homeowners. Even newbie homeowners get devastated thinking of this. They get flattered. Using screws could omit this inconvenience. But if you prefer efficiency over convenience, you must go for nailers. 


Along with expansions, the PVC has another subordinate nature of getting cracked if they’re placed under some pseudo pressure. This happens most of the time. If you put too much load on the trim, it will break into pieces. This ain’t worth it, really. And it causes enough trauma to the user. So, try to keep this in mind when you’re purchasing the trim for your household purposes.

Environment Friendliness

However, PVC is not environmentally friendly. You’ve been reading this since you were in your 3rd grade in pre-school. It’s nothing new. The vinyl chloride monomer never gets accurately mixed with the environment and results in many fatal environmental repugnancies. If you care about the environment, you shouldn’t have used PVC, at all. 

Cost Efficiency 

Comparing screws, using nailers for PVC trim is way too costly. In the US, you will luckily manage yourself to get a bunch of typical screws on a moderate budget. But, for a coil siding nail gun, you must have to add bucks to your budget to continue. So, if your budget is a bit short, you should pass the baton to something else and should move on with your life. 

More or less, these are the most major problems regarding PVC trims. If you feel like these problems won’t cause you much disturbance, you are welcome to purchase one for yourself. 

Is Nailing on PVC Trim Worth It? 

This question has two answers. Both affirmative and negative. If you think of the working efficiency in the first place, there could be nothing more superior to you than having a nailer. But, if you care about the trim more than the efficiency, then I guess you should operate it with the screws. However, operating with the screws might cause cracks in the surface of the trim. So be very careful before jumping into the plane. 


Can I use 8d nails on my PVC trim?

Ans: Yes, mate. You definitely can. Apparently, 8d nails are suggested according to professional nailers. But before getting to the operation, make sure that the nails are properly galvanized or made of stainless steel. 

What nail guns to use for exterior trims? 

Ans: You can use any kind of nail gun that you have around your hand. But, the coil siding nail guns are highly recommended to omit exterior purposes. 

Is nailing on PVC trims worth it?

Ans: If you’re a homeowner who often uses the nailer to operate on PVC trims, it’s going to be worth it from every possible angle, believe me. However, don’t take me otherwise if you use nailers for industrial uses. You guys are not in my club whatsoever. 


In a nutshell, having a nailer is a savior all the way. No matter if it’s the PVC trim or the rugged wooden surface of your balcony, it will make your life easier than ever before. But you have to maintain it while giving your level best on it. Only after this, you will be allowed to take advantage of it. 

That’s the end of my chatter, mate. If you find the answer to your question, feel free to share this with your well-wishers. And, don’t forget to seize the day! 

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