Paslode Nail Gun Troubleshooting- FIX IT LIKE A PRO!

Amongst all the nail gun manufacturers, Paslode has a vibrant brand value and surely, a better product conformance. This is why Paslode has been on top of the user’s choice list for several years. Now, many users suffer from the problems a Paslode nail gun renders. There’s no trusted directory on the internet to get rid of this problem. This is why I came up with this article today which consists of a brief Paslode nail gun repair manual. 

After the end of this article, you will not only know how to solve relevant problems, but you can also identify several common problems of your Paslode. Which will eventually make you a more careful user. 

Let’s dive deep into it, what say? 

5 Reasons Why Your Paslode Nail Gun Might Not Work

Have you ever got stuck in the middle of a nailing operation with your favorite Paslode nail gun and questioned yourself out of an ambiguous disguise that why isn’t my nail gun working? No worries if you already have this horrible experience. 

The range of problems is many. But only some of the issues should be under your concern. In this portion, I will extract some of the prevalent Paslode nail gun problems that might make your work blind. And after this discussion, I will illustrate a brief repair instruction so you can get over the issue. 

Come on in…

Continuous or Intermittent Firing 

Now, this is one of the pervasive issues that everyone suffers from. Sometimes, the nail gun fires a lot without the user’s approval. And in times of need, the gun behaves abnormally and never fires. Many things can cause this problem. Starting from the nail jam to using inappropriate nailers in the Paslode, anything can narrow the nailer pathway. And thus, technical difficulties occur out of nowhere. 

Again, this abnormal firing might happen if you don’t fuel up the gas chamber. This is why I always recommend that users fuel the gas after every use. If it becomes hard to maintain, re-fueling should be done for good at least twice a month. 

Recurring Blink of The Handle Light 

If you look closely, you’ll notice a small light in the handle of your Paslode. This basically indicates the power status of your nailer. Sometimes, it blinks bizarrely. The light continues producing red and green blinks, and the user indeed gets baffled due to this. However, this is another problem Paslode users suffer most often. 

This happens due to electrical faults in the nailer. Well, it’s not any manufacturing defect. While operating the nailer, the circuits might get jotted and cause this problem. I will show you the remedy later on. 

Producing Strange Noises 

Sometimes, you may hear some strange audible clicks from your nailer. No worries at all. It could have been a simple issue that is going on with your motor. Or, the nailer might not clean for the time being. Once you clean it, the problem will go away. 

Kinked Firing Pin 

You might have noticed the firing pin that has been bent all the way. Well, it’s nothing but a mechanical fault that has nothing to do with troubleshooting. Either you keep working with the bent firing pin, or replace it with a new one. The second option sounds good in my opinion. 

This occurs when you mistakenly drop the nailer off of your hand. The mechanical distortion makes the pin wicked, and you can do nothing about it except handle it with care. If you’re confident enough that you haven’t dropped it, then it must be a general wear and tear that came out of the nailer. No worries, this could be fixed. 

The Battery Stopped Working 

This happens due to the dust that forms in your battery. If you do not clean the battery, the problem might get severe. If the situation gets worse, you can replace the battery with a new one. This is the wisest option of all. Otherwise, using non-compatible batteries provide a satisfactory result for general usage. No matter what, just know that this problem can also be fixed. 

Your Paslode nail gun not working could have happened due to all these mentioned reasons upward. Along with all these, some other scenarios must take place that I think is not worthy to be discussed. As these are the main and major problems users suffer from. 

5 Problems You May Face While Using Paslode Nail Gun 

Using a nail gun is not a cakewalk. It requires lots of technical knowledge along with patience and compatibility. If you do the thing incorrectly, you will suffer with the nailer at the end of the day. In the below portion, I will illustrate five problems you may face while using the nail gun. If you can acknowledge the problems, your nuisances will be halfway solved.  

Let’s jump right in…

Not Cleaning The Filter 

As you’re inserting nails on hard surfaces like metal, wood, boards and etc, the suction of the nailer tends to receive dust from the environment. All this dust passes via a filter. That we know as the dust filter. After a limit of consuming dust, the longevity of this filter reduces drastically. In this situation, if you don’t replace or clean the filter, this won’t provide you the same benefit as before. 

Loading The Gun Incorrectly

Though this problem is not general at all, for newbie users, this thing messes up the entire situation. Many users load the gun without knowing the proper way. This leads to incorrect loading and hence, the nailer gets jammed or even dull. However, for professional users, this is an easily accomplished task. 

Not Charging The Batteries 

We will head toward the troubleshooting segment after the end of this part. Here, you will see how many problems are associated with the battery itself. The battery plays an important role from powering up the nailer to doing the nailing and whatnot.

If the battery gets dull, your nailers won’t work accurately for sure. This is why I advise charging the batteries after every single usage. This provides the best results of all. 

Not Using The Perfect Nails 

Now, get this thing straight. You can not use all the nails in your Paslode. If you dare to do it, the accuracy of machine performance will drastically reduce and then, no troubleshooting can make it work like before. To prevent this, make sure you’re following the guide and using the correct nailer for conducting certain operations. 

Problems Associated With Fuel Cell 

The fuel cell that comes with the nailer always have an expiration date. After the expiration of this date, the cell will not be of any use (most likely). So, make sure that you have checked the date and then plan your moves accordingly. 

Paslode Nail Gun Troubleshooting

This is the portion you all have been waiting eagerly to read. No worries. I will list the probable problems and quickly give you some solutions to the problem. Just go on and quickly fix your Paslode nail gun. 

Generation of Strange Noises 

If this happens, open up the nailer first. Screws are there that have been holding the frame of the nailer. Just open the screws and you’re good to go. However, after opening it up, you will notice a small fan inside of it. Clean the fan appropriately. Now, hold the frame again and tie up the screws. Run the nailer again. The generation of noises should have been fixed by now.  

However, if the noise continues, you can contact Paslode for good. 

Battery Damages 

If your battery is somehow damaged, your problems will know no bounds. I am not joking at all. In this situation, you can have two possible options. One is to go for new batteries and the other is to fix the wicked one. 

The procedure of this fix is pretty lengthy and not worth it at all. So, it’s better to replace the battery with a new one. So, go for purchasing a new battery if you haven’t already. 

Abnormal Firing 

If your nailer fires continuously or intermittently, you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Clear the nail jam by dissecting the nailer pathway. 
  • Clean the gas fuel chamber. 
  • Replacing the battery if it’s wicked or grounded. 
  • Checking the health of the filter. If it’s not that healthy, you must have to replace it. 
  • Using appropriate and non-compatible nails. 

If the problems still don’t go away even after following all these, then I would recommend you to this video that covers all the possible Paslode troubleshoots. 

Bent or Kinked Firing Pin 

We discussed this problem at the beginning of this piece. However, if this happens to you, then you most likely don’t have any other alternative than replacing the firing pin with a new one. If you scour the online marketplaces a little bit, you will find a good amount of options available for your required model and hence, you can purchase the one that best matches your requirement. 

Repairing Nail Jam 

Nail jam is one of the deadliest issues that users suffer from. However, to get rid of this, you can do a quick dissection of the frames and repair the jam manually. If the jam still doesn’t go away, then I will suggest you review this official owner’s manual of Paslode. This will give you the proper information. 

More or less, these are the common troubleshoots people often wonder to know. If you have acknowledged all these, please don’t hesitate to use them in your operation. And make sure to maintain proper safety precautions while troubleshooting. Otherwise, you may get grounded. And for online purchasing, go for a trusted buyer. Even if it’s from Amazon, follow the ratings and reviews before ordering. There you go! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why Isn’t My Paslode Nail Gun Firing?

Ans: Your Paslode nail gun probably has a nail jam that refrains the nails to move forward. In this situation, you can apply a quick remedy to solve this nail jam and move on with the operation. 

  1. What Does Flashing Green Light Mean On Paslode Nail Gun?

Ans: When you insert a fully charged battery on your Paslode nail gun, the indicator blinks in green. As the charge decrease, the green blinks start to turn red. This indicates nothing but the reduction of the percentage of charge. 

  1. Can You Use WD40 To Clean A Paslode Nail Gun?

Ans: No, I don’t think using a WD40 would be wise to use your Paslode. It will clog things up and the entire situation will be very much messed up. Rather you can use the same cleaner by which you may clean your car brake. 

  1. How do you clean the filter on a Paslode?

Ans: A normal clean would work well. But if you want more accuracy, you must have to avoid cleaning. Replacing the filter with a new one is the wisest option of all. 

  1. What Oil Can I Use On My Paslode Nail Gun?

Ans: To clean your Paslode, you can go for any typical cordless tool lubrication oil. For more precision, lubrication oil that comes from Paslode will give you the nicest possible performance. Grab one, now. 


We are at the very end of our Paslode nail gun repair manual. It’s time to pack my bags. However, I strongly believe that you have acknowledged all my instructions and now you know how to solve and repair all the common Paslode nail gun problems. If you still have any confusion regarding any of the points I illustrated, go and read it again. And most importantly, do not forget to share this directory with your friends and family. 

Happy Farewell, mate. 

Pax Vobiscum!

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