how much air pressure for nail gun

How Much Air Pressure is Needed for Nail Gun?

Stressed about controlling the nail gun? Confused about how much pressure is needed to run your nail gun? Well, I am here to help you. This article will meet your demand of how much pressure is needed for nail gun. Generally, the normal nail guns contain compressor that supplies pressure to the gun to work. … Read more

18 gauge nail in 16 gauge nailer

Can I use 18-gauge nails in a 16-gauge nailer?

When you are dealing with different nail guns, you will need to know about the different gauges of nails. Typically, you will find yourself asking can I use 18-gauge nails in a 16-gauge nailer? Well, that’s what I will be discussing here today. Whether you can use different gauge nails on a particular nail gun … Read more

why nail gun shoot two nails

Why Does My Nail Gun Shoot Two Nails?

Is your nail gun shooting two nails at a time whenever you use it? This is a pretty common issue with a lot of nail guns out there. It probably makes you wonder why your gun is shooting two nails at once. It can be pretty dangerous to work with, so you have to get … Read more

ramset nails on hilti gun

Can I Use Ramset Nails on Hilti Gun? A Brief Directory

Ramset nails are pretty efficient if you want to crack any hard nut. As in, in terms of construction works and other heavyweight prospects, ramset nails will work smoothly. They have different types of head styles and are versatile all the way. Along with these, Ramset nails will make your workflow pretty much good to … Read more

how to unjum porter cable

How To Unjam & Load A Porter Cable Nail Gun?

Are you having trouble with your porter cable nail gun? Many times, you may see that your nail gun is jammed. When you shoot the nail gun, it makes a sound, but no nail comes out. What to do in this situation? Well, that’s what I will be discussing here today. I will go through … Read more

paslode nailgun troubleshooting

Paslode Nail Gun Troubleshooting- FIX IT LIKE A PRO!

Amongst all the nail gun manufacturers, Paslode has a vibrant brand value and surely, a better product conformance. This is why Paslode has been on top of the user’s choice list for several years. Now, many users suffer from the problems a Paslode nail gun renders. There’s no trusted directory on the internet to get … Read more

how loud is a nail gun

How loud is a nail gun?

Are you about to buy a nail gun for your woodwork? Then, among many different considerations, you have to consider how loud a nail gun is. Usually, most power tools come with a little bit of noise alongside them. However, answering this question isn’t that easy. I had to dig deep to find out all … Read more

can a nail gun kill you

People Can Get Injured or Killed by Nail Gun

Whether you are planning to write fiction or you work with nail guns, a common question you can ask is if a nail gun can kill you or not. Well, if you ask this to someone directly, it’s undoubtedly going to worry them a little bit. So, the best place to find that answer is … Read more

nail gun size for fence pickets

What size nail gun for fence pickets

Whether building a fence or repairing it, a nail gun can be a pretty handy tool either way. It not only makes your work much more accessible but also helps you do your job quickly. However, if you have no idea about using a nail gun, you will struggle with several things. One of them … Read more

can i use a nail gun on pvc trim

Can I use a nail gun on PVC trim? A Brief Directory

PVC trim has been used broadly as a worthy replacement for wood for decades. As you can insert nails on woods using a nailer, you may now ask, Can I use a nail gun on PVC trim? Well, mate, if the following question somehow arises in your mind, this article is for you. Throughout the … Read more