How Does a Palm Nailer Work

Assuming you have had a palm nailer, you’re quite confused about using it. In that case, have you ever asked yourself how does a palm nailer work? No matter if you don’t know. In this article, I will make you a distance PhD regarding this very topic. And after this thesis abstract, you’ll feel the shivers yourself.

Joke apart, In this article, I will direct you on how a nail gun really works and some precautions while using a nail gun. Along with all these, you will learn about palm nailers that you might not get anywhere else.

Let’s get started without further ado…

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What Exactly Is a Palm Nailer

A palm nailer is basically a type of pneumatic nail gun which is completely different in shape and more powerful than typical nailers. It’s minimal in shape that you will be able to hold it using the palm of either of your hand. Along with this, a palm nailer comes in with a strap using which you can fasten the nail gun with your hand. It reduces the chance of nailer, and it won’t slip from your hand.

Nonetheless, you might be wondering what’s the difference between a palm nailer and the pneumatic nail gun you regularly use, right? Well, mate- a palm nailer can do all the things just like your typical nail gun. But here lies the irony. Your typical pneumatic nail gun won’t be able to do things that a palm gun will do. What are those? You might wonder. No worries, drag the cursor a bit downward…

If you’re a nail gun user, you must know that it requires air pressure to operate a nailer. Apparently, the nails usually penetrate a solid surface due to the ample power created by air pressures. In terms of palm nailers, this air pressure is typically not that much. Whatsoever, despite having less air pressure, the nailer works like speed and will surely provide you with an adequate amount of efficiency no matter what you intend to do.

Last but not least, the main perk of using a palm nailer is that you can use it anywhere you want. In narrow spaces, you won’t be able to operate with typical nail guns as they are not small in shape. But in terms of palm nailers, you can do that very accessibly. There’s that!

How Different Is Palm Nailers From Other Nailers

To be very honest, palm nailers are pretty different if you think of other nailers. They carry a huge amount of power amongst them. In fact, the operation process is also very subtle and different when it’s a palm nailer. For example, you don’t need to connect the air compressor to a typical nail gun before jumping right into the operation. But whenever it’s a palm nailer, you must have to do that. Otherwise, you won’t be able to operate the nailer.

Along with all these, palm nailers are pretty efficient if your operation area is narrow. Especially these types of nailers are made for operating in confined zones. You can access all the “hard to reach” places with a palm nailer, and guess what, it’s worth it.

palm nailer vs others nailers

To sum up, the operation process is almost different when it’s about a typical nail gun and a palm nailer. All you have to do is connect the dot and get yourself to the plain without further ado. And there’s that. Your nailing problem is halfway solved. When you’ll be purchasing your palm nailer, by the way?

Postscript: From now, the main portion of this article will venture. That is, in the following portion- you will get to know the operation process of a palm nailer. If you’re a newbie nail gun user, this portion will enormously help you. Go through it and don’t miss any subtle information.

How Does A Palm Nailer Work

In case you got yourself a palm nailer, and you don’t know how to operate it. Sounds monotonous, right? No matter of worries, mate. In this very portion, I will break things apart and guide you on how to operate a palm nailer. If you put full of your concentration in here, you can grind it, I believe.

Let’s follow the steps illustrated down below!

Connect the Air Compressior

As I already mentioned that it’s pretty much mandatory to connect the air compressor when you’re on the verge of operating a palm nailer. Yes, mate, the air compressor must have been connected. Without this, you won’t be able to start the operation. If you use a cordless battery powered palm nailer, make sure to place the battery in the certain place.

However, it’s not mandatory but recommended all the way, do not forget to maintain safety precautions when you’re on the operation. Wear safety glasses and globes and maintain additional PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment)


Here comes the most important and most likely the major portion of using a palm nailer. You have to place the nailer into the palm of your hand. If you’re a right-hand guy, place it on your right hand. And vice versa.

Get your hands covered with anti-shock gloves to prevent any kind of unnecessary electric shock. It’s one of the very must’s.

Inserting Nails Into The Nailer

Unlike every typical nail gun you will find in the markets, inserting nails into a palm nailer won’t be that straightforward. However, here’s the most efficient trick- take a single nail and put the nail throughout the anvil shaft of the nail gun. There’s a magnetic coil inside the shaft, which will eventually drag down the inserted nail.


This is the very last step of operating. If you have done everything as it is, you don’t need to take pressure coming to this stage. That implies- nailing with a palm nailer is not that complex and similar to the other nailers.

palm nailer nailing

All you have to do is place the nailer into the operation area or where you want to drive nails and pull the loaded trigger. This way, the nails you previously inserted onto the nailer, will start to kick off and surely penetrate the object. And guess what, you’re done!

Nonetheless, throughout all these steps, you must maintain all the precautions and safety. If you make yourself injured in any of these steps, you’ll have to pay extra bucks for those. So, it’s better not. I hope you will grind it. All the best, mate!

Pros and Cons of Using A Palm Nailer

This very topic must have been covered. That is, what’s the dark side of using a palm nailer.

You might have already assumed that a palm nailer will get your job quickly done and provide you with great leisure. But no, mate. That’s a complete myth. Rather, if you want to get things done quickly, it’s better to go for a typical nailer you’ll find in the market or online. On the flip, palm nailers make excessive noise. If you’re careful and want to protect your hearing, this might not be your best option.

What are the advantages then? Well, yes, there are many, to be very honest. If your operation zone is confined, you’ll get the utmost benefit from it. Along with these, palm nailers are mostly handheld. To operate it, you only need to use either of your hands, and it’s very straightforward.

However, thinking of both positive and negative perks of a palm nailer, I found the positive ones very exciting. And from the deepest core of my heart, I really think that going for having a palm nailer is going to be a great decision and a worthy investment. Fingers crossed!

Safety Precautions You Need to Maintain While Operating a Palm Nailer

Though I have already mentioned it briefly in one of the previous steps. However, you can go through the following steps to learn more about the safety precautions that you should follow while using a palm nailer-

  • Always wear gloves and goggles while you’re operating with the nailer. Try to use a rigid face mask if possible.
  • While gripping the nail gun onto your palm, make sure you’ve put electric shockproof gloves on your hand. Otherwise, types of shocks may occur, and you’ll get hurt.
  • Always try to be a bit safe while operating the nailer. Keep your hands at least one foot away from the nailer, and don’t make things too close to the nailer.

If you can maintain these three steps adequately, I don’t think you should adhere to other steps. And I hope that nothing bad happens to you and you make things on the board!


Can I use palm nailers for finishing?

Ans: For sinking finished nails, palm nailers have been used since their inception. So yes, without any further doubt- you can use it for finishing.

Where can I use a palm nailer?

Ans: You can use a palm nailer anywhere. Specially where you won’t be able to operate with your typical nailer, you will get your palm nailer there and dap into the plane. To be more specific, you can use palm nailers on plywoods, wooden surfaces and boards.

What kind of nails does a palm nailer take?

Ans: You can drive all sizes of nails using a palm nailer. Starting from 6D to 16D, a palm nailer can operate. If you consult the manufacturer, you’ll get a much more divine idea on this whatsoever.

What size compressor for palm nailer?

Ans: More or less, 1 to 2 cubic feet per mitre will work just fine. But it might vary according to your model of nail gun. However, you can follow this link to get out of confusion.


We have reached the very end already. If you still have any confusion on how a palm nailer works, you’re suggested to give this article another thorough read. If you don’t, then I would like to request you to share it with your friends and mates.

Anyways, stay positive all the time and help others.

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