People Can Get Injured or Killed by Nail Gun

Whether you are planning to write fiction or you work with nail guns, a common question you can ask is if a nail gun can kill you or not. Well, if you ask this to someone directly, it’s undoubtedly going to worry them a little bit. So, the best place to find that answer is the internet.

That’s why I am here to help you out finding the answer to that question. And it’s not like a general answer because I went ahead and did a little bit of research on this. So, let’s go in-depth and see how this all unfolds.

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Can you actually kill someone with a nail gun?

Now, here’s the tricky thing there are several layers to this question. If you are asking whether a nail gun has the potential to kill, the answer is yes. But if you are requesting can any nail gunshot at any place kill you, then the answer is no. Let’s start this off with the first factor.

A nail gun has all the potential to kill you if shot in the right place. The right place means sensitive areas like your head, heart, or other weak internal organs. If you are shot with a nail through those organs using a nail gun, you will probably die for sure. There is no questioning that.

You are now coming to the second factor whether any gun can do it from any place. The answer to that is no. You have to consider the power, speed, and distance here. With a lower speed gun and a larger distance, you may get injured or cut, but you won’t die from a nail gunshot.

dangerous nail gun

Also, where you are shot matters a lot. For example, if you are short on the legs or arms, you will probably live. It can get risky if you are shot on your stomach or chest, but you may still be alive. Reportedly, a man was shot through the neck with a nail gun and somehow was lucky enough to live.

So, to answer the question, can a nail gun kill you? Yes, it can if it’s used with the intent to kill. Because when it’s used with the intent to kill, the person will make sure of considering all the factors I discussed here.

I think going through some other stuff regarding a nail gun will clear things out even further.

The speed and distance of a regular nail gunshot 

What damages or causes concern for nail guns is the speed they shoot at. Usually, they can shoot at the speed of 90 miles per hour which is insanely fast. So, it’s a pretty dangerous tool to mess up while using. You will never have enough time to react to this kind of speed if you mistakenly shoot the gun.

Now coming to the subject of distance, it has got pretty high stats there as well. They can cover up distances of 500 meters without breaking any sweat. So, if you have shot a nail using a powerful nail gun from 500 meters, chances are you will hurt someone. And if the nail goes towards a sensitive organ, then the person may even die.

As you can tell by the speed and distance, a nail gun indeed has the potential to kill. This can even work as an actual gun if used to kill since the mechanics are pretty similar.


It’s time to check out some frequently asked questions regarding nail guns and their dangers. Let’s get going.

How many people die from nail guns?

Fortunately, not many people die from nail guns. Mostly 1 in 80,000 injuries may result in death per year.

How dangerous is a nail gun?

A nail gun can be a hazardous tool to work with. The chances of getting injured are pretty high. A lot of injuries happen while using a nail gun, especially on the arms and legs. And injuries to the sensitive and soft areas of your body can even be deadly. So, in short, a nail gun can be very dangerous considering it has enough power to kill you.

How much force does a nail gun have?

Nail guns tend to have a spring inside that is required to have a force of around 19 to 44 N. It’s the recommended range for using a nail gun for professional purposes. So, the force is relatively high there.

Is a nail gun a weapon?

While it has got all the makings of a weapon, it’s not a weapon at all. A nail gun is a powerful tool you can use for nailing on different surfaces and professional woodwork. It makes nailing on wood hassle-free. However, it’s pretty risky, and you have to maintain a lot of safety precautions to use the tool properly. Also, it’s far away from being a real firearm.

Safety about nail gun

There are lots of safety rules you need to maintain for using a nail gun risk-free. Here’s what you need to keep –

  • Know everything about the tool. Usually, the manufacturers provide a guideline for using the tool. Make sure to read that thoroughly and follow all the rules there.
  • While buying a tool, make sure it meets all the safety standards of using a nail gun in your area.
  • Wear all kinds of protective gear, especially safety glasses and work gloves.
  • Don’t meddle with any lock or safety mechanism whatsoever.
  • Always nail away from your body and keep your fingers far away when the tool is not used.
  • Try using a gun that needs both the trigger and gun nose to fire nails.
  • Make sure to disconnect the gun after you are done using it. Also, during maintenance, keep it turned off.
  • Beware of your surroundings; make sure you are not putting someone at risk with the gun.


All in all, to answer the question of whether a nail gun can kill you or not, it can; it has got all the potential to. Indeed, it’s nothing compared to a real firearm. But if you are at a close distance and the nail gun packs up enough power, it can be life-threatening when to shoot in the sensitive parts of your body.

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