glue for baseboards

Best Glue For Baseboards In 2023

Have you ever thought of installing your baseboard without using any sort of nailer? It seems unbelievable. Well, gluing is another option following which you can efficiently make the proper installation of any type of baseboard or wooden stuff. In some situations, gluing provides much greater hold and affinity than nails.  In this article, I … Read more

best nailgun for baseboard

Best Nail Gun For Baseboards in 2023

No matter if you’re a regular nailer user or a DIY enthusiast, having the best nail gun for baseboards is always a must for you. Installing a baseboard typically seems quite easy. But doing it with a hammer or adhesive takes a lot of effort. To get rid of it, the best and smartest alternative … Read more

install baseboard without nailgun

How to Install a Baseboard Without a Nail Gun Like a Pro?

Baseboards are very useful stuff to protect your household and stay for a very long amount of time. It protects your home from getting affected by molds or mildew, and adds an aesthetic property to your interior and whatnot?  However, a misconception might surf in your head about installing baseboards. That is, many of the … Read more