How Much Air Pressure is Needed for Nail Gun?

Stressed about controlling the nail gun? Confused about how much pressure is needed to run your nail gun? Well, I am here to help you. This article will meet your demand of how much pressure is needed for nail gun.

Generally, the normal nail guns contain compressor that supplies pressure to the gun to work. The pressure of a nail gun actually depends on the nail gun’s size and type. So, you need to assure about your nail gun’s type and the rest will be described in this article. So, let’s go!

What Size Air Pressure is Needed for Nailer?

When looking for an air compressor for nailer, consider what equipment you’ll be using with it. This is how you can tell if a compressor is suitable to meet your needs or not. The air pressure in nail guns is usually between 130 and 100 psi.

Compressed air is required to operate nail guns. And that is why knowing the size of pressure is mandatory. Nailers requirement of air pressure ranges from 70 to 90 psi.  Despite the fact that any air compressor can easily achieve 90 psi, you should have more airflow than you require.

Different types of air pressure

There are different types of nailers. Different nailers needed different sizes of air pressure. Such as-

  1. The Brad nail gun, which requires a minimal amount of CFM (air pressure size in gallon tanks), asks for only 0.5 to 1 CFM from time to time.
  2. The most common framing nail guns require 2.5 to 4 CFM at a time. It depends on how much pressure you are throwing on the controlling trigger of the gun.
  3. Normal finish nailers require nearly 2 to 3 CFM at a time.
  4. Flooring nailers also ask for 3 CFM at a time. Though these nailers are small in size, it needs this much high pressure for the proper finishing.
  5. The palm nail guns ask slightly more than 3 CFM. These nail guns do not need high pressure but still are suitable to reach the awkward and hard places that can’t be done by other nailers.
  6. Pin nailers demand only 1 to 2 CFM at a time.
  7. Siding nail guns need not only high pressure but also larger compressors too. They ask for 2.5 to 3.5 CFM to work.

So, these are the different types of sizes that are needed to run a nail gun. Now, you will just need to know which nail gun you are using and according to the information, you can adjust the airflow pressure easily.

Why Air Pressure is Important for a Nail Gun?

Air pressure is very important for a nail gun to work properly. The compressed air enhances the force of the gun and helps the pin to enter the hard surface by drilling hard. Nail guns do not need compressed air continuously. It is only needed when you will work.

The air pressure provides a good amount of power to the nail guns. One single push of pressure makes the nailer run for a while which saves the battery usage too. This is why air pressure is essential for a nail gun.

What is PSI?

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It demonstrates the quantity of air pressure. To calculate the air pressure required for nail guns, psi is used. Through the amount of psi, you will know how much air pressure you will need in your nail gun. Basically, regular nail guns contain 80 to 110 psi.

Nail Guns & their Requirements

A nail gun, sometimes known as a nailer, is a tool used to drive nails into wood. Nail guns are extremely beneficial since they make woodworking easier and more productive. You don’t have to spend all day in the sun hammering nails. There are 9 types of nail guns with requirements. These are-

  1. Framing Nail Gun: A framing nail gun requires up to 8gallon tanks of compressed air of 90 psi.
  2. Brad Nail Gun: It needs 2gallon air tanks between 60 to 90 psi.
  3. Finish Nail Gun: It needs 2gallons at 90 psi.
  4. Palm Nail Gun: The palm nail guns are suitable to work in hard and tight places. It asks for 3gallon air tanks at 90 psi.
  5. Flooring Nail Gun: The flooring nail guns need 3gallons at 90 psi even though they work for small sized nail guns.
  6. Pin Nailer: This nailer needs the least amount of air pressure in all types of nail guns. They only need 2gallons of compressed air.
  7. Stapling Nail Gun: They work under only 1 CFM. They do not need so much compressed air. Just make sure that their psi is 90.
  8. Roofing Nail Gun: They need high pressured air tanks of 6 gallons with 90 psi.
  9. Siding Nail Gun: These nail guns are slightly comparable to framing nail guns. They need 5.5 CFM. And, they need almost 8 to 10gallons of compressed air tanks at 90 psi.

So, you can see that the common psi that all the nail guns have is 90.

How to adjust air pressure on nail gun?

Changing the pressure on an air nail gun can assist keep it in good working service. You can’t put constant high pressure on the nail gun as it may cause shortening life of the nail gun. That is why adjusting the pressure from time to time is important.

If you discover that your gun has excessive pressure and it is difficult to put the nail in, you can utilize this from your compressor. For this what you can do is-

  • To force a little air out of the hose, squeeze the pistol trigger.
  • Use a single compressor to make the work easy.

When you require a nail gun of your own work, you will want one that is simple to operate. This implies that it should be flexible and simple to use.

Air pressure setting on a nail gun

To set the air pressure, you can use the Portable Air Compressor Pump. You can set the air pressure using a coupler, tape and a hose. After using tape at the end of the hose, use this tire gauge to finish the task smoothly. The plug used between the coupler and the hose will help to control the way of the pressure of air when you will press the trigger of the nail gun. This is how you can set the air pressure on a nail gun.

What To Look for in a Nail Gun Compressor?

In the case of using or buying a nail gun compressor, size does not matter. All that matter is the power and service providing ability. The things we need to look for in a nail gun compressor are-

  1. CFM: CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It’s the amount of air a compressor can give to an air tool.Most of the nail guns require the CFM that ranges from 0.5 to 5.5. The atmospheric pressure is measured by it too.
  2. PSI: A psi enhances the work of a nail gun. Most the nail guns range from 90 to 115 psi. Because this allows the compressor to heal, you can be relaxed about running out of air when nailing.


Is a regulator needed for a compressor?

Answer: Yes, it is needed. The air compressor you’ll require is determined by the number of nails you’ll be firing and the rate at which they’ll be fired. Without a regular, it can be slightly difficult to manage the compressor. It controls the flow of air between the piping and the tank. That is why it is needed.

Can a regulator help to increase pressure of a nail gun?

Answer: Yes, a regulator helps to increase the pressure in a nail gun. Basically, the single-staged regulators do so. Regulators not only help to increase the pressure but also help to adjust the overall stress by decreasing the airflow pressure too. The main purpose is to make the adjustments easy.

Why does air compressor contain 2 gauges?

Answer: The two gauges are used to distinguish between the airflow regulation provided to the tank and the intensity of pressurization that happens inside the tank. That is why an air compressor needs at least 2 gauges.


I hope, through this article, you have now come up to know how much air pressure is needed for a nail gun. The force of pressurized air is used to drive nails into the wood. You can buy any nail gun according to your budget and working purpose. But maintaining it with proper airflow for a long is the main challenge.

You do not need the air pressure continuously. It is only needed when the nail gun is active. If you put the pressure on for long, it may shorten your nail gun’s life. That is why it is very important to maintain the air pressure in a nail gun. I hope you can decide the pressure from now on. Good luck!

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