Can I Use Ramset Nails on Hilti Gun? A Brief Directory

Ramset nails are pretty efficient if you want to crack any hard nut. As in, in terms of construction works and other heavyweight prospects, ramset nails will work smoothly. They have different types of head styles and are versatile all the way. Along with these, Ramset nails will make your workflow pretty much good to go.

On the flip side, Hilti guns are also designed for construction works. It’s basically a powder-actuated nail gun that you might have already scrutinized in your local super shop. In this article, I will guide you and answer your question, can I use ramset nails on Hilti guns? After the end of this article, you’ll surely get things pretty clear.

Let’s get in directly to the point; what say?

What is a Hilti Nail Gun

You might have used a nail gun before for inserting nails into the wooden or metallic surface, didn’t you? Well, Hilti is just another nail gun similar to the one you’ve used previously. Just the operational range is different to both of the guns. Basically, typical nail guns are used for operational activities like inserting nails on the wooden surface of your house and stuff. In contrast, Hilti has been made for conducting heavyweight tasks. Sounds legitimate, isn’t it?

In addition with all these, Hilti nail guns are very powerful and can get you done for any tasks, at the most possible shortest times. It has much more magazine space than any other typical nail guns you will find in the market.

However, a massive chance will always be there which will lessen your experience while you’re using a Hilti Nail Gun. Such as, it might get stopped during the operation; or, can make you bore with the jamming issues of it. But no matter what, if you can give it the required maintenance, a single Hilti gun will last for a distinctive amount of time and is worth it from every possible angle.

When Do You Use a Hilti Nail Gun

Considering the most common and typical prospects, Hilti nail guns are being used for inserting nails into different kinds of stiff objects such as woods, metals and stuff. But along with the nail penetration, it does another thing and this is why the Hilti is superior. That is, you can use the Hilti nail gun for joining two materials together. To be more specific, it will provide you with enough adhesion which will join two substances together. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

Except this, the other functions are more or less same for Hilti nail guns. You will get it with a bundle that includes literally every utility you might need in terms of getting your stuff done.

So, if you’re stuck in something that requires adhesion along with nail penetraron, you can definitely give Hilti a pseudo shot.

Can You Use Ramset Nails on a Hilti Gun?

Alright, before I answer this question, first let me clarify what Ramset nails are.

Apparently, Ramset is a kind of nail that has been made of ductile materials and in terms of durability and strength, they are pretty much on top of the notch. It consists of carbon steel which is a very strong element. Ramset has a distinctive number of styles and there are versatile head styles (flat, countersunk and bullet) that you can try for your desired operation. And finally, you can use the Ramset’s for different kinds of operations for sure.

Coming to the answer of the mentioned question, can you really use Ramset nails in a Hilti gun? If I am straightforward, then the answer will be negative all the way. As in, “NO.” You can’t use the Ramset’s in your Hilti gun.

Don’t get freaked out, mate. Let me clarify my statement. Basically the thing is, Hilti guns are designed for 27 cal nails. And most of the Ramset’s we find in the market come in 22 cals. So, it’s pretty inappropriate to use Ramset and Hilti nail guns. I hope you understand.

But this doesn’t simulate you can’t use Ramset’s in your nail gun. Apparently, there are tons of nail guns that work really well with Ramset nails. Even if you can somehow customize your existing Hilti to take 22 cal nails, then you will also be able to operate it with Ramsets. That’s as clear as I can make regarding the following question.

Where Can You Use Ramset Nails

As you already know what Ramset nail is, you might have already guessed about its’ operational zone. That is, for any type of rigid or hard stuff, you can apply Ramsets. As they contain an umpteenth amount of strength into them, they won’t break by bearing load.

Except these, you can also apply Ramset’s to most of the cases when you’ll be in need of things that require more strength and potency. Most commonly, Ramset’s are being used into concrete and hard metal like substances. Metals that are compact in dimension, i mean. For this specific feature, Ramset is often called as the “Concrete Nails.” So, yes. This pretty much sums things up.


Do you need a license to use a Hilti gun?

Ans: No, you don’t. Apparently, no fastening tool requires a license to keep it to you. You can know more on this just by clicking this link.

What are Ramset nails used for?

Ans: Ramsets nails could get used for a distinctive amount of operation. Most specifically, for inserting nails into rigid or stiff objects, these nails are used. Along with it, if you’re wondering about something to fasten two solid and rigid objects together, you can pick the Ramset up for sure. It will work just fine.

Can you hammer Ramset nails?

Ans: Yes, you can. Basically, Ramsets are more appropriate for hammering than nailing with nailers. Even, there are even times when people get bored conducting this very operation.

Are Hilti and Ramset compatible?

Ans: No, Hilti requires much more cal size than Ramset does. You won’t be able to use a Ramset nail in a Hilti gun.

Will a Ramset shoot into a steel beam?

Ans: A Ramset will shoot smoothly through a steel beam. There will be no difficulties penetrating the steel beam.

How deep should Ramset Nails go?

Ans: More or less ½ inch of a material. Though it will vary when you switch the nailer.


Throughout the entire article, I tried to guide you based on your question, can I use ramset nails on hilti guns? And i guessed, your view is pretty much clear now and you know the answer. If yes, then i have to pack my stuff and move on. But anyways, if you feel confused by any manner, you’re requested to reread this article. And most importantly, don’t foget to share it with your friends and mates or to the distinct neighbor who might need to know about Ramset and Hilti.

Let’s wrap things up then. All the very best to you, mate.


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