Can You Use a Framing Nailer For Hardie Siding

Can you use a framing nail gun for siding? Yes, quite an obvious question. I still remember, when I thought of siding into the back portion of my place, I craved the answer to this question like insane and guess what, I couldn’t make myself get any legit directory. Many of you out there are suffering from this very problem. For your convenience, I’m here to get you covered in terms of this very topic. Read till the very end of this article and observe things closely. In the end, you will get your answer. 

Let’s get in and dive deep into the ocean! 

What is Hardie Board Siding

In case you have ever thought of protecting your all-time favourite place, as in the “home sweet home” of yours, to get free from all kinds of repugnance, then you must have heard about the term “siding.” Yes, mate. Siding is a process that can make your house look like the gorgeous villa you’ve watched in an American movie ever since. Believe me, and I’m not even joking. This very process enhances the aesthetic property of your house as well as saves the outer surface of your house from being eroded over the time being. 

hardie siding

Now, what’s the relationship between all these and Hardie board siding, you might ask. Well, this very term refers to the best sizing board ever. To get the process done, first, you’ll need to get yourself a basic siding board. Here lies the great Hardie board siding. Apparently, these are basic siding boards made of composite cement and fibres. Some features provide the composite material with a great lusture that creates an aesthetic property. 

In a nutshell, the Hardie board is great from all the way when its’ about siding onto your favourite house. On the flip, if you don’t want to think about the extra properties related to your villa, you can use the Hardie board siding for increasing the beauty of your place too. Implies, in either of the ways, the Hardie Board Siding is worth it. 

Why Should You Use Hardie Siding 

Assuming you’ve reached here after reading the previous point. If so, you must have already known why Hardie is superior. Now, coming to the part- about why you should actually need to use the Hardie board siding. Well, drag your cursor down to know the parks. 

  • Durability 

Hardie board siding can withstand all the natural and man-made calamities singlehandedly. For example- rain, snow, storms, winds and so on. Along with all these, this board resists the contact of tainted elements to get to the contact with your home. Implies, all the way, your place will remain free from all kinds of repugnance. 

  • Moisture Penetration

As these boards are made with a composition of fibre and cement, it reflects a great rigidity. Due to this rigid and stiff structure, moistures couldn’t penetrate the surface easily. And the board doesn’t get lousy or never swells easily. 

  • Eye-Appealing Surface

The board will indeed provide both of your eyes with an utter eyegasmic comfort. As I already mentioned, it will enhance the aesthetic property of your home at times. Yes, that’s too true. 

  • Microbe Resistance 

Due to the structural property, microbes or general fungi couldn’t make their living on the surface and indeed, the lifetime gets higher. 

Due to all these perks, I pretty much believe that having your house covered with a Hardie siding board won’t be a waste of money. In fact, if you don’t imply these, you should regret it later on. Don’t do that and get yourself a complete set of Hardie as soon as possible. Fingers crossed! 

Can I Use Framing Nailer For Hardie Siding

Here goes the main discussion of this article. Imagine you’ve finally managed to get yourself a set of Hardie Board Siding. Now, all you have to you is a good-grade framing nailer for inserting nails within the Hardie. What do you do now? Would you use that or switch to a siding nailer? 

Listen, mate- if I were you, I would have used the only utility there are. As in, the framing nailer near my hand. I would get everything done with that and won’t be going to switch the nailer to a siding one. You might wonder why isn’t it? Well, a good-grade framing nailer is way enough to get yourself going in terms of penetrating nails within the semi-rigid Hardie board. 

Well, if you’re really having a siding nailer, I must suggest you use that. I’m simulating the worst-case scenario here. As in, at times you might not have a siding nailer near to your hand. Following those cases, you can use the framing nailer and believe it or not, it’s pretty enough to get your tasks done. 

However, when you’re operating the framing nail gun, try not to go in a hurry. If you do, the solid composite board might get wrecked or broken into two parts. If this happens, you won’t be able to use the board and things will retaliate. Go slow, go big. Better outcomes are yet to come! 

What Are The Difference Between Siding Nailer and Framing Nailer

You might already know the basic operational process of nailers. No worries if you don’t. Apparently, a typical nail gun works with the flow of a moderate air pressure that drives the nails to get into the object. There’s that. In fact, both siding nails and framing nails operate maintaining these criteria. However, they have some differences whatsoever. Let’s look forward to those- 

  • Design and Objective 

Firstly, in terms of designing stuff, we can break apart both of the nailers. The first one as in the siding nailer is very accurate and perfect to connect thin pieces of wood. Though it gets operated for installing siding in the houses. That’s an entirely different issue. But the other one is ideal for connecting large pieces of wood. Seems legitimate, ain’t it? 

  • Nails

In terms of framing nailers, you must have to use large nails. Typically the nail size starts from 3 inches and ends at 4 inches. But on the flip, the siding nailers use comparatively shorter nails and their heads are quite a bit big regarding width. 

  • Cross-Application 

It’s merely possible to cross the operational application of a framing nailer. You can easily imply a framing nailer while installing siding in your home. Sounds obvious, right? Even we discussed this in the very first place. But here lies the irony. You won’t be able to do the opposite. As in, the siding nailers could only be used to install the siding. You can never use a siding nailer to get yourself done on any other activities. 

I believe your confusion has now been solved and you claimed a bit of ease. Don’t worry, I will illustrate the operating process too. Just get yourself going! 

How To Use Framing Nailer on Hardie Siding 

As you already know the perks, let’s directly get to the core without any more verdicts. 

Things You Will Need 

● Hardie Board Siding (the amount will vary according to the operational area) 

● A good grade framing nailer.

● Globes and other safety equipment.

● Two or more standing gauge 

You will be good to go if you have all these near to hand. Let’s get to the process. Follow these steps. 

● Firstly, cut the board using a jigsaw. Measure the amount you want to connect. 

● Now, put a board into a certain place and attach two gauges to the board. This will balance the existing board to be on the spot and won’t make an excessive shake. 

● Now carefully operate the framing nailer and connect the board with the wall. In this portion, make sure to maintain the proper amount of safety and keep your body parts away from the machine. Otherwise, nails could get into your body & it will be dangerous.

● Repeat the same process and cover the entire house. 

There’s that, mate. You see, it’s so easy. Just don’t get freaked out and take things easy. If you see things in a larger view, that will eventually get hard and there’s no coming back. So, it’s better not to take a rush. 

Pros and Cons 

However, you might think that the entire process will always be the most economical and convenient process of all. No, mate. It’s undoubtedly not. Everything in this world has its own drawbacks. And, in terms of the Hardie Board, it’s also adequate. Let’s look forward to those- 


● Environment friendly 

● Could get you away for ages 

● Fireproof 

● Could be customized

● Includes warranty if purchased from an authentic dealer. 

Onto the other hand, the cons are- 


● More prolonged installation process.

● Might get ripped after a certain period of time.

● The initial investment is huge. 

I would suggest you not look for only the drawbacks but the distinctive advantages it’s having. And I will always say, all of these are worth it! 


What nails do you use for Hardie Siding?

Ans: If you operate with a framing nailer, going for 3-4 inch nailers would do a great job. Otherwise, for siding nailers, you can keep this range between 2-⅖ inches. 

Can you put a Hardie board over wood siding?

Ans: That’s not recommended. If you think that would bring good to your house, you can do that. Otherwise, covering with a Hardie board will be enough all the way. 

Siding nailer vs framing nailer?

Ans: To be very honest, framing nailers are all-rounder. You can get yourself away with a framing nailer. But, to get siding done accurately, you can go for having a siding nailer. It entirely depends on your preference. 


However, mate. I would like to end the very topic here. I assume you got your answer now. Let’s replicate after me, can you use a framing nail gun for siding? Yes, yes and yes from all the way. If anything still seems spiny, go get another read asap! 

Lastly, share this directory with your friends and mates who need it the most. If you spread good things, you will get delivered with all the good and wholesome things! 

Goodbye, Mate! 

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