How many decibels is a nail gun?

In case you’re wondering about getting yourself a nail gun for penetrating nails throughout the wood, this article will help you a billion. Firstly, I would like to let you know that this article is all about the intensity of the sound of a nail gun. You can consider this one of the most important prerequisites, aka, the key consideration in selecting the proper nail gun. However, how many decibels is a nail gun won’t be a concern to you anymore if you read this article thoroughly. 

Let’s dig right into the core; what say? 

Types of Nail Gun 

To be very specific, there are four types of nail guns present in the market that have been used broadly since the inception of this tool. Why are we discussing this here, right? Well, the intensity of noise, aka decibel, varies from type to type. And as I already mentioned in the intro, you can consider this is one of the major key considerations- you should have a crystal-clear idea regarding the types. 

Here’s to the types- 

  • Electric Nail Gun
  • Gas Powered Nail Gun
  • Pneumatic Nail Gun; and
  • Explosive Nail Gun

For your convenience, I will now elaborate on all these types. 

Electric Nail Gun 

You might have already assumed the perk of having one electric nail gun. Yes, mate. These are the most convenient and efficient nail guns of all the categories out there. Electric nail guns are fully cordless and easy to carry. No matter the circumstance, you will always be able to operate the gun in hard to reach places. I liked this very feature of having an electric nail gun. 

In terms of noise, electric nail guns make the least noise of all four categories. It will provide you with a very thin noise (somewhat 97dB) that you can easily omit and move on with your operation. Yes, it’s this simple and straightforward. 

If you’re still getting confused about the selection, let me pick an appropriate nailer for you. According to my using experience, I found this NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nailer way too efficient. You can keep this on your bucket list for sure. 

Gas Powered Nail Gun

As simple as it could be- a gas powered nail gun gets its power from a gas source. These are the most portable ones throughout the whole nailer’s category. If you’re getting worried thinking of the portability of your nail gun, I would suggest you go for one of these nailers. Trust me; your bucks won’t get wasted at all. You do not even have to deal with unnecessary cables and hoses when you will be using a gas-powered nailer. Sounds cool, ain’t it? 

However, in terms of noise, these specific nailers sound somewhat around 100dB and following some situations, this can even inflate. But not as much as you’re thinking. Whatever it is, if you go for a gas-powered nailer, you will be able to feel the utmost vibe of using a nailer from every possible angle. 

I have been using the Silverline 32mm Air Nailer since I got introduced to the 50mm version. Both were quite good in condition. It’s just the need for power that has made me switch between the mentioned two. 

Pneumatic Nail Gun 

Till now, we discussed the guns that sounded less. But this one is pretty much off the track. Pneumatic nail guns can get beyond the normal safe decibel levels sometimes. In terms of the standard sound intensity, a pneumatic nailer can get up to 110dB. It’s way too excess. 

However, a pneumatic nail gun provides the user with very good efficiency. If you’re looking nailers for to get rid of your industrial stuff, you can go for having one of these. Despite having a vast range of sound, it works good from every possible angle. Nonetheless, you will be lucky enough to find yourself pneumatic nailers that sound less. All you have to do is dig into the market a bit thoroughly. There’s that. 

Explosive Nail Gun 

Amongst all these four categories, the following one has the most enormous noise level. Following some prospects, the noise of an explosive nail gun can get up to 140dB. However, it has many pros on the flip side. Using an explosive nailer, you will be able to push nails through concrete in the blink of an eye; it’s this fast. 

Nonetheless, if you can manage a suppressor for your nailer, you can drag the noise level pretty much downward, keeping the efficiency as it is. BOSTITCH Framing Nailer was my first used explosive nailer. You can keep this very one in your consideration. 

I believe your concept is now pretty much clear regarding the types of nail guns and how they work. If you want to secure your hearing, it’s better to pick the appropriate one that won’t hurt your hearing. And ripping of this very sense could get you into a massive dilemma, believe it or not. 

Why do Nail Guns Make Such Noises? 

To be specific, there could be two possible reasons that make noise while operating a nail gun. When the trigger is pulled, the ram moves in the right direction of the bumper of the nailer and makes a noise. With adequate muffling of the nailer, this sound could have been reduced.

The air compressor makes the second noise. It’s basically the air pressure noise. However, using a good-grade suppression would allow you to get rid of this noise. 

In a nutshell, the noise source is mainly two. And that shouldn’t be your concern as long as you’re using an electric or gas-powered nailer. Whenever you will be using a pneumatic or explosive version of a nail gun, you’ll need to handle this noise issue to protect your hearing.

How to Find a Nail Gun With Less Noise?

If you’re not that professional and use nailers only for DIY purposes, I would suggest you go for having a good grade electric or gas-powered nailer. As you already know that they don’t make too much sound.  Nearly all the mid-budget nailers have a decibel range of around 97dB. This won’t affect your hearing in any manner. 

However, if you want to be a bit professional and go onward, try to get yourself a nailer that comes with a suppressor. You won’t need any measure to reduce the noise level following this very way. The suppressor will do that for your sake. However, the price will get a bit higher. But considering the assistance, it’s worth it all the way. 


I assume you’ve had enough out of this article, and now you don’t have any further confusion regarding the issue of how many decibels are in a nail gun. If yes, it’s time to seek farewell from you, mate. The strategy is simple. If you want to go higher, try a suppressor and otherwise, get yourself a mediocre or mid-budget one. In both ways, you will win the rat race. 

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