Best Powder Actuated Nail Gun in 2022

Do you feel that nailing a pin on a concrete or solid surface is too hard? Do you actually know that it is not so hard if you use the perfect nailing gun? Well, this article of the best powder actuated nail gun is for you. It is used as a firm and fastener pin pusher to make the work stable and fast.

You may find too much reviews on hazardous signs of using a nail gun. But, trust me, my research results and reviews of the good quality and easy usage of powder nail guns will definitely help you buying the worthy product. So, I know what you need. Just roll your eyes on this article before buying any nail gun.

Image Product Price
Hilti 305179 DX460-F8 Full Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Nail Gun  Check Price

Ramset Cobra Tool 0.27 Caliber
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Hilti DX 2 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Tool Check Price
ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool Check Price

Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer with Case
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Hilti DX E72 Powder Actuated Nailer Nail Gun Check Price

What To Look Before Buying the Best Powder Actuated Nail Gun?

Nail guns are made for a different purpose. Some are for framing, some for roofing and some for finishing and so on. At first, you need to determine what kind of nail gun you want. You will need to definitely choose the powdered one, but determining the buying purpose is needed. Once you have made your choice, then you need to find some important features that is a must for the best quality powder actuated nail gun.

What is a Powder Actuated Nail Gun?

A powder actuated nail gun is made for joining pins or materials on hard construction like concrete etc. The amazing quality of this kind of nail gun is that it can be used in some awkward locations too, where normal nail guns can’t reach, such as products made of steel or any narrow space. It enhances the drilling process by forcing high-velocity pressure.

Different Types of Powder Actuated Nail Gun

Powered actuated nail guns are basically that can be controlled according to their velocity consumption of them. Such as-

  • High-Velocity Powder Nail Gun: These are named Ramset. When you need to do any heavy drilling or any hard constructional work, you will need a high velocity nail gun that can be used with full force. Almost all types of heavy constructions can be done with high velocity powder nail guns. Their operating system is different from others.
powder nailgun types

It works without any piston and that is why the propellant straightly works as the fastening content. It put forth gravity to the fastener 492ft per second. This is the main powerful difference between the high and the low one.

  • Low-Velocity Powder Nail Gun: You know now that the word low means definitely less than the power of the higher one. So, it is obvious that it will put forth gravity of less than 492ft per second. But there is another difference that makes it unique from the high velocity nail guns. It works as a piston to accelerate the drilling process.

So, these are the 2 types of powder nail guns you will find on the market.

It is not mandatory that you will find all the upcoming described features in a single nail gun. But try to find the most valuable ones while choosing a powder nail gun for better and more reliable performance. The features you need to find are-

Clot-Cleaning System

Sometimes, you need to re-nail the spot to hang something or to set a new pin. After plucking the previous pin, there are some powdered clots that create jam in the area. So, you must find that kind of powder nail gun that can clear the powdered concrete or solid clots from the specific area so that you can re-nail a pin easily through drilling. This system prevents the nails from making clots on the road.

Directive Exhaust System

This system is needed for working in a powdery area. I think this is the most valuable criteria needed in a good quality powder nail gun. It gives direction to the gun in nailing the pin perfectly by exhausting the dusty powder from the space. Some powder nail guns contain directional additional tools to adjust the path to drill the space too. This will guide you to easy nailing.

Carrying Case

An attached carrying case helps the worker to nail safely. It prevents him from any unwanted danger. A rugged nail gun case is a lot better than a non-rugged one as it ensures a non-movable setting of the gun inside it. The carrying case does not contain the extreme heat produced by the nail gun. No other protector can protect a powder nail gun as a good carrying case. It prevents cracking too. So, buy the powder nail gun that has an attached carrying case constructed with dual wall protection.

Fast On & Off Ability

Powder nail guns are especially known for their fast-working ability. Still, you should look for nail guns that can be powered fast and shut down faster too. This saves time and the power of the gun too if it is electrified. The compressor of the nail gun that has a faster turning on and off feature runs well and longer than any other nail gun on the market.


Any nail gun you buy should be dependable enough to work with. Durability and dependability are two of the most valuable features a nail gun should have. If you can’t depend on the product you buy or if it does not give you the service as promised, then it will be a great loss of yours. And for this reason, you must buy a nail gun that is firm enough to work and contains a dependable returning policy if damaged or punctured.

Ejection of Dry Firing

When you will be out of nails after firing or drilling for a while, this feature will help you by giving a reminder that your stock of nails is over. Moreover, it will stop firing automatically too. Thus, the power of the gun will be saved and you will be notified that you need to push new pins through the nail gun. The firing stopping capability prevents any hazardous incident. That is why this feature is needed too.


Efficiency is the key feature of any product before being bought. Professionals look for the criteria in a nail gun. I hope, this article will help you in buying the best and most efficient powder nail gun. Nail guns are one of the fastest devices too with multiple usages. An efficient nail gun will take only a few seconds to firm the nail pin inside the firm surface. So, now you know which one is the most promising feature of a nail gun. I hope, I have helped you slightly. Remember, efficiency is everything!

Altitude Controlling

Nail guns are created with powerful forcing ability. But this force needs to be controlled, right? Otherwise, it will dig bigger holes and create any unwanted mess. In some powder nail guns, there is a separate tool that enables the machine to understand and control the depth automatically. This altitude controlling ability is amazing I must say.

Sequential Triggers

Nail guns work accurately when both of their triggers are switched on. One is the tip of the gun that indicates the desired aim. And the other one is the button you need to press to activate and drill the nail. These two triggers work sequentially. That is why you must buy a nail gun that contains a sequential trigger to assuring a hassle-free finishing of the work.

Drilling or framing any space without a nail gun is out of imagination. You will find the usefulness of a powder nail gun after you use it at least once. But, before using it with proper efficiency, you will need to know about the usage like how it works and what kind of features it contains. Only then, you can choose your favorite powder nail gun. So, order your favorite one now!

6 Best Powder Actuated Nail Gun [Editor’s Choice]

Hilti 305179 DX460-F8 Full Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Nail Gun

This product is one of the most conventional powder nail guns you can have. This nail gun is perfect for regular use as it serves the best quality to you. You can use it as a mini piling tool or a powerful heavy-duty piling tool according to your need. From piling 8 inches to amazing durability, the Hilti nail gun will not disappoint you at all, I must say.

Top Features

  • Easy usage
  • Lightweight nail gun
  • Works well in tight areas too
  • Durable enough
  • Long-lasting efficiency.

The Hilti 305179 is suitable for installing pins on brick walls perfectly. It is also used for fastening hard kinds of stuff. Any 0.27 caliber concrete ceilings can be fastened through it. The type of piston used for this is PX460P8.

This is an automatic powder actuated nail gun. It works with full power but with low velocity. The low noise creating ability can be worked on various kinds of concrete etc. It also works perfectly in tight areas too, where you generally need to put a lot of pressure.

Though it is an automatic powder actuated nail gun, the power source of it refers to the manual ones too. Being the combination of both kinds of nail guns makes the nail gun super durable enough to not only last long but also put the work lasts for longer too.

Generally, long-lasting efficient products are heavy in weight but this amazing Hilti nail gun is not heavy at all. It is made with a lightweight component so that you can easily carry it in tight areas.


  • Very easy to use as light in weight.
  • Suitable for works like constructions where the outcome needs to be long-lasting.


  • This product can take only one weight at a time which can be tiresome as you need to load it continuously.

Ramset Cobra Tool 0.27 Caliber

The semi-automatic powder actuated nail guns are good for working with pins. This Ramset powder actuated fastening tool is enriched with different types of attractive qualities like padded handle, nice caliber and multiple pinning at a time and what not. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price. Check your budget and smile!

Top Features

  • Added furring strips
  • Can be worked on old concrete
  • Easy loading system
  • Excellent service for longtime
  • Semi-automatic nail gun.

The Itw Brands, manufacturer of this Ramset cobra is concerned for you and that is why they have made this product with full precautions by thinking about your safety. The cobra set comes in a carrying case. Carrying case is very important to carry this kind of gun material. Moreover, the handle of the gun is padded so that your hands do not get hurt. So nice!

You can add 2 extra furring strips in front of the nail gun for multiple drilling at a time. The strips that this cobra set can take should be 4inches in size each. These strips can be used in steel and concrete both.

The pin loading system in this nail gun is super easy. It can require 10 pins to be loaded at a time. So, you will not have to reload time to time and waste time like the Hilti one. I feel this feature is attracting you to this product. If I were, I would jump off to buy it. By the way, it comes with a pin washing tool too.

The Ramset cobra is popular for its great quality service. Once you buy it, you will not get disappointed and you will not have to change it so often. It lasts really long like a couple of years. Its unique dimension of it will give you enough comfort to use for a longtime.


  • Powerful and suitable for multiple nexuses.
  • Budget-friendly product.
  • And too easy handling.


  • It creates massive irritating sounds while working.
  • Sometimes you may need an extra hammer for a perfect finish.

ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool

ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool is the best tool because not only its save your time but also Its cheap and efficient. It can demonstrate its nail in the woods very easily. It is really effective against concrete. It bullets needs to be coated for use.  This is arguably the best Ramset Trigger Shot Tool people need.

Top Features

  • Lightweight
  • Great design
  • Tough and compact
  • Durable enough
  • Works well in Narrow areas

ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool is very light weighted. It can be carried literally everywhere. It is easy to use for its weights. Other Trigger Shot Tools normally became too heavy or not easy to carry. But its special design makes it different than other.

Talking about design ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool has the best design. It is designed to be used in multiple fastening. Its Body made by ‎Steel. It is only 2.4 ounces. It is perfect for attaching tough materials. It has also a wide grip that suits in every size of hand.

It has great Tough and compactness.  ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool has steel body. So, it has no chance of breaking and also it is very much tough quality.  Easy to use once the owner get used to the kickback.

ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool is very durable. It is not only long lasting but also Efficient and productive. The work done by it is also remains very last. So ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot is enough well durable

So, ITW Brands 40066 .22 Caliber Trigger Shot Tool is designed to be used in narrow areas well. It is also good in wide but its efficient rose graphically if it shoted in comfort. It is Powerful tool for multiple fastening needs in every area.


  • Reasonably priced


  • Too much loud
  • Need sound protection

Hilti DX E72 Powder Actuated Nailer Nail Gun

Hilti DX E72 Powder Actuated Nailer Nail Gun DXE72 Set 1092 are very safe when you use these in the right way. These tools provide fastening in the concreate and steel. It is very excellent and very helpful because it can do a lot amount of work in very short amount of time. This is the best powder-actuated gun for your need.

Top Features

  • Uncomplicated usage
  • Great Grip for Comfort
  • Efficient on Hard Surface
  • Durable
  • Batteries not Included nor Required

Hilti DX E72 Powder Actuated Nailer Nail Gun DXE72 Set 1092 is really easy to use. Its commonly used with a pole with the person so nor face shield or others thing required. This gun nail perfectly with ease. It can be used to make any dimension occupation simpler than employing a hammer. It can be used in both rural and city. Because it is really easy to carry.

Hilti DX E72 Powder Actuated Nailer Nail Gun has a great grip. Lightweight guns most of the time lacks in grip. But this gun’s basic part like trigger and foregrip guide fastener. It comes perfectly in hand. Normally this is comfortable with any size of holder holding it. Its very feels great while the user holds the foregrip to shoot which makes the work correct.

Hilti DX E72 Powder Actuated Nailer Nail Gun DXE72  is really effective on hard surface. Its far better than hammer. Hammer can’t be accurate and brief. But Hilti DX E72 Powder Actuated Nailer Nail Gun DXE72 performs the same function as a hammer, but in a more concise and precise manner.

This Nail Gun DXE72 Set 1092 is really durable. This set makes not just the set more productive but also long lasting. Being both manual and automatic makes it super durable than any other gun.


  • It’s light weight makes it more comfortable and very powerful
  • Ideal for construction workers who want a long-lasting tool.


  • This toolset only accommodates single loads.
  • Very uncomfortable for heavyweight users.

Hilti DX 2 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Tool

The Hilti DX 2 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Tool is a semi-automatic powder-actuated tool that may be used to secure single nails in medium-duty applications on both concrete and steel. It has fastener single nail with 5.3 lb Weight and has a ‎Gas-powered power source. It is a great tool to have when you are building walls and need to attach them with concrete floors and for metal stud works.

Top Features

  • Easy Usage and maintenance
  • Compatible energy output over entire lifetime
  • Very long nail length
  • User friendly design
  • Wide range of works only with one tool.

Hilti DX 2 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Tool is really easy to use and maintain. This tool used for drilling hard concrete. It has no complicate system like other tools. It has designed that can fastening formwork or formboard to concrete. It really shortens errors and tool downtime.

Hilti DX 2 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Tool can assure user lifetime energy output. It can consistently give same output over lifetime. It It provides more dependable fastening quality. It works very well on old concrete which are hard to break.

Hilti DX 2 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Tool has maximum nail length 62 mm, or 72 mm. With this it can easily break through walls, drill steels and make holes and tear concrete. This can also do were mesh which is known as chicken mate in concrete.

This tool has probably the best design for the user. It has a really sleek design which allows it to create spaces and its compactness allows access to narrow spaces It has a great grip which make it very easy to use. It has designed to Fastening walls, concrete even steel. Thanks to its design that made it so efficient

Hilti DX 2 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Fastening Tool is a tool for a wide range of applications. Formwork or formboard is fastened to the concrete. It is designed plates or trusses are fastened to concrete. Ease of use and upkeep – reduces mistakes and tool downtime


  • Easy maintenance.
  • Output over entire lifetime


  • Non-specific caliber
  • Not good in allowing access to wide spaces.

Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer with Case

Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer with Case is very common in nowadays. It is really useful because of its less space taking and single pin shooting. This Pin Concrete Nailer is very safe and useful. It used for basement renovations, Garage updates, or new construction framing.

Top Features

  • User friendly design
  • Best quality
  • Great Durability
  • Steadfast and toughness
  • Best tool for his job

Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer with Case has the most stylish and comfortable design. It is designed in so that it shoots single pins from 3/4″ To 3″ Without needing to pre-drill holes. It is made with magnesium and has driven blade of Hardened steel. Its design makes it special so it can fasten wood, steel, or other thin metal to concrete walls, cement blocks, and poured concrete slabs.

Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer with Case is produced by U.S.A. They made it with best quality. Its body to grip everything is really well comfort and great to use. It is 6.2 pounds and made up with ‎Aluminum with heat-treated steel parts. So, quality wise its best

Great Durability comes from its long lastingness and efficient. When it comes to Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer with Case it has probably the best durability. It is manufactured by the best most durable materials.

Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer for siding, flooring, framing, finish, and roofing, they manufacture sturdy construction tools and accessories, such as staplers and mailers. It is similar to most of the famous brand’s toughness.

Freeman Pneumatic PSSCP 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer with Case is now top tier ciustomer favourite. It has the right quality durability but most importantly it is best for basement renovations, Garage updates, or new construction framing. It can shoots single pins from 3/4″ To 3″ Without needing to pre-drill holes which make it different from others.


  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable.


  • Only take single loads
  • Takes lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are powder actuated tools legal?

Answer: Absolutely not! No powder actuated tools are illegal. There are many presumptions that these kinds of tools can harm people or make any accident easily. But tell me one thing, will you really buy any harmful stuff after reading this article which I have written after my research? Obviously not, right? The manufacturers of this kind of power actuated tools are well-trained and experienced enough. They do not make any hazardous products for construction use. So, do not worry. Powder actuated tools are legal.

Who can use powder actuated tools?

Answer: Only trained and authorized people can use these kinds of tools. Powder actuated tools are those that are worked with full force and power. No random people can use it or should not use it. There is a rumour about the need for a license before using these products. But that is absolutely fake.

Powder actuated tools are actually made for construction work where only professionals or trainees get authorized. Regular random people can’t get access there. Only those experts can use these tools perfectly without any unwanted problematic situations.

Can a powder actuated nail gun go through steel?

Answer: There is a big yes to this answer. All the powder actuated nail guns, especially the Ramset one works really well in the steel. Their furring strips go through the steel and all the steel surfaces easily. To make the nails go through the steel, you will need to set the power button at 12, which is the highest of all.

The pin as fasteners lasts great impact while working on the steel through the powder actuated tools. So, just be assured that a powder actuated nail gun goes through steel.

What to do if I find any misfire while working with the powder actuated tools?

Answer: There is nothing to worry about that much. If I find that there is a misfire occurring through the nail gun, I will put the gun straight into the operating zone till it gets stable and calm like before. And, during this, I will not push the trigger button to restart the tool. This is how I will be safe and complete my nailing task safely and easily.


I hope, you can now decide which one is the best powder actuated nail gun, right? I believe you can do it. Powder actuated nail guns are one of the fastest machines you will ever see. These fasten any joints very fast and easily. Some characteristics of it make the work easier than you think.

Keeping the wrong presumptions about these nail guns aside, buy the most suitable nail gun for you. You will be able to hang framed pictures on the wall too. Just take care that you must not use these tools near any flammable product or suspension. Let me know your experience of using any powder actuated nail gun! Good luck!

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