Palm Nailer VS Normal Nail Gun. Which is Better for You?

Having the right power tool could be utter bliss for a user. In terms of driving nails into objects, there are a variety of objects. Starting from typical hammers to nail guns, you can use anything to drive nails within hard or stiff materials. But choosing the right tool may get difficult when you are a newbie in this field. 

In this directory, I will assist you in differentiating between palm nailer vs. nail gun and conclude which one is better for specific user intent. Stick to the end of the article to get the outcome. Meanwhile, there are several topics that have been covered, such as a buying guide and a brief comparison of the two products. 

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Palm Nailer

3 Reasons Why I Should Use A Palm Nailer

Have you ever thought of getting handheld power tools to assist you in household chores? If yes, a palm nailer could have been your ultimate companion. As I already said, a palm nailer is an entirely handheld tool. But you can quickly drive nails using this tool way efficiently. Whatever it is, the main perk of using a palm nailer is, it is very compact and minimal in shape and design. Other benefits are there that may make this nailer the best for your convenience. Let’s look at the prominent features of a palm nailer so that you can compare it with the other categories of nailers. 

  1. Size and Portability 

As I said, the design of a palm nailer is much more compact comparing a lowkey nail gun. Hence, the compact and lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability and access to tight spaces. 

There will be some hard-to-reach places you may face while operating. By using the palm nailer, you will be easily able to access them. Also, as it is minimal in dimension, you can carry it along wherever you want. Implies it’s portable all the way out. 

  1. Versatile Usability 

Here goes one of the most user-friendly perks of using a palm nailer. Palm nailers are compatible with almost all ranges of nails. Including common nails, finish nails, and, obviously with, framing nails. 

Also, it offers flexibility in terms of going for the accurate nail, depending on the application. And ensures peak efficiency, and the fastening method of a palm nailer is very much secure. It implies it’s a good choice for beginners considering jumping into nailing. 

  1. Faster Nail Driving 

As palm nailer uses a pneumatic or electric mechanism to drive nails, the speed of driving nails for this nailer is very much speedy. In times of hurry, you can finish your work in the blink of an eye. It’s definitely a plus for all sorts of users. 

As it’s faster than other nailers, your time will be saved, and the consistency of nail placement is very much superior. Hence, a palm nailer helps in increasing your productivity on a much larger scale. 

More or less, these are the mention-worthy perks of a palm nailer. If your main concern is to omit all these goals, you can go for having a palm nailer. Just add one of the good-grade palm nailers and forget things. 

3 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Use A Palm Nailer

Let’s look at the backside of the coin. As I appreciated palm nailers and suggested you for purchase, now it’s my duty to burst some of the very popular myths regarding palm nailers. Here go three reasons why you should never purchase a palm nailer for good: 

  1. Limited Power and Capacity 

Yes, a palm nailer is obviously powerful as it’s operated with pneumatic power. But that’s for getting done your household chores and stuff only. For heavy-duty work and driving nails into stiff materials, a palm nailer wouldn’t be a suitable thing to work with. 

If you’re working on something rigid and requiring more pressure and power, or for heavy-duty industrial tasks, do not ever dare to go for palm nailers. Instead, get a large, good-grade nail gun that will make your life easier. 

  1. Reduced Efficiency for Large Projects

As the palm nailers are very minimal and compact in shape, you won’t be able to conduct any large operation with them. While you’re halfway, the tool might provide you with moderate performance, but in terms of using it in the long run, the tool must degrade, and your project will be a loss. 

Again, for hard framing and construction projects, where speed and efficiency are the main thing to concern, a nail gun will work better than a palm nailer. 

  1. Personal Preference and Experience

As a user, I used and have been using palm nailers and nail guns for over two decades. From all my impeccable using experience, I can confirm that a palm nailer would be very hard to control. It surely gives precision, but to simulate the precision, you have to be very consistent and work hard. But by putting in a considerably low effort, you will be able to get more soothing outcomes from a nail gun. So, why not?

And finally, if you feel comfortable using the traditional nail driving methods (hammer or other nail guns), then do not go for these types of palm nailers. It may decrease your efficiency if you do so. 

Nail Gun

4 Reasons Why I Should Use A Nail Gun

Assuming you know what a nail gun is. Basically, it’s a type of tool that has been widely used to drive nails into hard or still materials. It could have been driven by several powers, as in pneumatic, electrical, or compressed air. The thread below might be useful if you’re up for purchasing a nail gun. Let’s jump right in: 

  1. High Power and Speed 

Nail guns are designed to deliver high-powered force so that the nails can penetrate the object faster. The high-powered force allows for quick and efficient nail driving. However, comparing palm nailers, the power and speed of a nail gun are considerably high, and you can control the speed of the nail gun depending on which tasks you’re on. 

Due to the high speedy prompt, a nail gun will save you time and make your work much easier. You may think a palm nailer does the same, so why should I go for a nail gun? A palm nailer won’t allow you to work on hard objects. Makes sense, isn’t it?

  1. Precise Nail Placement 

Nail gun consists of a feature named adjustable depth settings, and the precision mechanism of these guns are pretty accurate, allowing you to make consistent and accurate nail placement throughout your operation. 

  1. Easy to Use 

Nail guns are ergonomically designed with comfortable grips and balanced weight distribution. To some extent, a nail gun comes with features like anti-vibration mechanisms. 

All these features combined make a nail gun way easy to use. It reduces users’ fatigue and strain during prolonged use. Allows improved comfort, increases accuracy, and indeed provides the user with higher and improved productivity. 

  1. Suitable for Conducting Large Projects 

As I said in the previous section, you won’t be able to use a palm nailer to complete a large project. As the nail gun contains larger magazine capacities, it allows for storing more nails in one loading. And reduces the frequency of reloading. All these features combined make the effort of a user lowkey, and hence, the time gets saved. 

These are the three reasons why you should go for a nail gun over palm nailers. If the following perks match your criteria, just go for the nail gun and start operating with that. 

2 Reasons Why I Should Not Use A Nail Gun 

It’s pretty obvious that a nail gun is easy to use, powerful, and could be implemented to conduct high-intensity tasks. But whatever the scenario is, at the end of the day, this too caries some demerits that must have been overlooked if you’re thinking of purchasing the nail gun. Here go the two major disadvantages of using nail guns: 

  1. Risk of Injury 

A nail gun can risk the user drastically if it’s not maintained or used properly. Suppose you’re unfamiliar with the correct operating procedure of a nail gun or do not follow the illustrated safety precautions of the nail gun. It will make your nailing operation like a living hell, and you will suffer as a user. 

As the nail gun is a moderately strong power tool, it may often misfire, potentially injuring yourself and others working nearby. 

  1. Potential Damage to Delicate Materials 

You can work on hard and rigid stuff with a nail gun very straightforwardly. Apparently, the nail placement will be way too accurate and precise on stiff objects. But when it comes to delicate objects, a nail gun is not the appropriate tool to work with. Basically, it can not make cuts on delicate objects. Rather, it may potentially degrade or damage the object, which no one wants. 

However, to work on delicate objects, palm nailers are the best. No doubt. So if your main intention is to drive nails on delicate materials, I will suggest you go for palm nailers over nail guns. 

I guess this pretty much sums it up. 

A Brief Comparison Between Palm Nailers VS Nail Guns 

You have already read the most important terminologies that you need to know about selecting between palm nailers and nail guns. However, for further validation, I put a chart here to let you know more about these two power tools. 

Go through the below chart and observe all the features of both the guns. 

FeaturesPalm NailerNail Gun
Power SourceAir/ElectricAir/Electric
Nail CompatibilityVarious types/sizesVarious types/sizes
Power and SpeedLimitedHigh
ManeuverabilityExcellent for tight spacesLimited in tight spaces
Nail CapacityLimitedLarger
VersatilitySmaller projectsVarious projects
User FatigueReducedCan cause fatigue
CostMore affordableCan be more expensive
Safety FeaturesVariedVaried

5 Things to Look While Choosing A Nailer 

No matter if you go for palm nailer or choose nail gun for your good, there are always some considerations that you must consider while adding the product in your cart. Long story short, drag your cursor down to learn about all the key considerations: 

  1. Type of Nailer 

In the very first place, know which type of nailer you’re purchasing. There is a large range of nailers, such as framing, finish, brad, and staplers. 

After knowing the type, try to get yourself the necessary stuff that may need to operate the nailer. Includes nails and staples. Otherwise, you won’t be able to drive nails using that very tool. 

  1. Power Source 

From which specific source your nail gun gets powered up, many specific things depend. It could be a pneumatic nailer or an electrical nailer. No matter what it is, while buying, you need to filter out all the chores and have to be specific about your application, and then you should add the product to your cart. Also, the price may vary for different powered tools. 

  1. Compatibility 

If your nailer isn’t compatible with the common nail sizes, then there is no point that it makes sense while using it. So when you’re planning to purchase a nailer, go through its’ compatibility list and make sure that the nailer is compatible with all the common nail sizes. 

  1. Ergonomic Shape 

While purchasing, observe the shape and size of the product and only purchase that if it’s minimal in shape and the dimension is ergonomic. If not, do not purchase that very product because it may degrade your working efficiency as well as risk some prominent injuries. 

  1. Safety Features 

If you’re a newbie, you may not want to get injured by your silly actions. To get rid of that, try purchasing the very nailer with additional safety features, which will allow you to work on maintaining safety. 

However, the safety features should have been in all types of nail guns. Otherwise, with these prominent features, you won’t be able to do things appropriately, and you may get injured, and to some extent, the injuries may be life-threatening. Nobody wants their life to be dedicated just to driving nails into stuff, right? 

Final Thoughts 

We have been discussing about palm nailers vs. nail guns to date. I provided you with the basic pros and cons of both the nailers. I guess now you can differentiate which one is better for their specific type of usage. Nonetheless, after the end of our discussion, I put a chart and a buying directory for nail guns that will make your purchase more soothing than ever before. 

If you still have any sort of confusion regarding the topic, you can read the piece once again and make things clear. And last but not least, share the directory with your friends and mates who you think may need to know all these. 

That’s for today, mate. 


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